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Creator noun – A person who establishes a whole new field of endeavor.
Usage example: although some people see Freud as the creator of psychology, that isn't really true

Founder is a synonym for creator in inventor topic. In some cases you can use "Founder" instead a noun "Creator", when it comes to topics like person, start, originator. popular alternative
Nearby Words: create, creation, created, creature, creative
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Founder noun – A person who establishes a whole new field of endeavor.
Usage example: Maria Montessori was the founder of an educational system dedicated to maximizing a child's creative potential

Creator is a synonym for founder in originator topic. You can use "Creator" instead a noun "Founder", if it concerns topics such as person, start, inventor, initiator. popular alternative
Nearby Words: foundation, founded, founding, foundered, foundering
Synonyms for Founder

How words are described

beloved beloved creator beloved founder
known known creator known founder
future future creator future founder
original original creator original founder
Other adjectives: true, dead, powerful, actual, real, great, main, supposed, famous, sole, deceased, late, mysterious, fictional, primary, different, eponymous, unnamed.

Both words in one sentence

  • Website / Kickstarter It was part of a change of leadership with the original creator and founder stepping away from running everything behind the scenes.
  • Walt Disney: The man himself, co-founder of the company, co-creator of Mickey Mouse, and creator of Disneyland.
  • Mike Allred is an American comic book artist and writer, best known as the creator of Madman, the artist on X-Statix (previously known as X-Force), and the founder of the AAA Pop Comics.List of selected works Madman The Atomics X-Force X-Statix The Golden Plates
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