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Credit noun – Mental conviction of the truth of some statement or the reality of some being or phenomenon.
Usage example: I give full credit to this report on the prevalence of cheating among college students today

Faith is a synonym for credit in belief topic. In some cases you can use "Faith" instead a noun "Credit", when it comes to topics like opinion, quality, recognition, affirmation. popular alternative
Nearby Words: creditable, credited, credibility, creditably, creditor
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Faith noun – Firm belief in the integrity, ability, effectiveness, or genuineness of someone or something.
Usage example: never having had much faith in banks, the old miser kept his money under the mattress

Credit is a synonym for faith in opinion topic. You can use "Credit" instead a noun "Faith", if it concerns topics such as quality, confidence, affirmation, trust in something. popular alternative
Nearby Words: faithful, faithless, faithlessness, faithfully, faithfulness
Synonyms for Faith

How words are described

good good credit good faith
full full credit full faith
particular particular credit particular faith
complete complete credit complete faith
Other adjectives: proper, single, small, actual, entire, real, little, bad, main, less, remaining, different, comic.

Both words in one sentence

  • Modern Federal Reserve Notes, which have been the only sort of paper money issued by the US Government since 1963, are fiat currency - their value is not backed by any hard resource, but by the "full faith and credit" of the U.S. Government.
  • Real Men Love Jesus: The Latter-Day Saints are devout followers of their faith and true enough to their word that they can buy on credit in a Western town.
  • Complaining about Shows You Don't Watch Scrambled Eggs: Quint hates Jimmy Zoopie-Doo purely because of overexposure and his own lack of faith that teen singers can produce quality songs; the only Zoopie-Doo song he ever heard was a Gee cast member's cover, which to Quint's credit, has pretty awful lyrics.
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