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Critical adjective – Needing immediate attention.
Usage example: this problem isn't critical, so we can go home now and tend to it in the morning

Vital is a synonym for critical in crucial topic. In some cases you can use "Vital" instead an adjective "Critical", when it comes to topics like necessity, important, indispensable, urgently important. popular alternative
Nearby Words: criticize, criticise, criticism, critic, critically
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Vital adjective – Impossible to do without.
Usage example: I forgot one vital ingredient, and now the biscuits taste strange

Critical is a synonym for vital in important topic. You can use "Critical" instead an adjective "Vital", if it concerns topics such as essential, property, necessity, indispensable. popular alternative
Nearby Words: vitality, vitally, vitalize, vitalism
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Things that words describes

clue critical clue vital clue
skill critical skill vital skill
role critical role vital role
part critical part vital part
Other nouns: point, parts, piece, item, moment, component, element, information, evidence, flaw, mission, items, points, components, skills, moments.

Both words in one sentence

  • Critical Hit Undead and Gelatinous Cubes obviously lack vital organs and therefore can't be hit for critical damage.
    Source: Critical Hit
  • Critical Hit This is because D&D justifies critical hits as being regular attacks that hit an unprotected point or vital organ.
    Source: Critical Hit
  • Luck is the last stat in Fallout's SPECIAL system, and vital if you want to get a lot of critical hits or beneficial random encounters.
    Source: Luck Stat
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