Culturally and Morally


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Culturally adverb – With regard to a culture.
Morally and culturally are semantically related. In some cases you can use "Morally" instead an adverb "Culturally".
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Morally adverb – In a moral manner.
Culturally and morally are semantically related. Sometimes you can use "Culturally" instead an adverb "Morally".
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  • Taken to Anvilicious levels in Avatar, where the naturalistic Naavi are presented as morally and culturally superior in comparison to the more technologically advanced humans, who are all bastards who polluted their own home planet to the brink of ecological collapse.
  • Film / The Bitter Tea of General Yen They believe themselves to be morally, socially, and culturally superior to the Chinese, and therefore, they must pity and help them.
  • Superior Species: Word of God was that there're no species that is culturally, morally or psychologically superior to others, but In-Universe, it's obvious that the Hybrids are much more powerful than any currently-known species at least in term of physical abilities.
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