Current and Late


Current adjective - Being or involving the latest methods, concepts, information, or styles.
Usage example: current therapies for treating cancer have success rates that were undreamed of only a few decades ago

Late is an antonym for current.

Nearby Words: currency, currently


Late adjective - Having been such at some previous time.
Usage example: the late musical director said he would never have allowed such behavior while he was in charge

Current is an antonym for late in dead topic.

Nearby Words: lately, lateness

Both words in one sentence

  • Some time after Gustavo Fring's death on Breaking Bad, Mike proclaims to Walt that dealing with their late foe was leagues better than their current situation.
  • Interestingly, the Doctor's status in the current series as being "Last of the Time Lords." is borrowed from the working sub-title for the late 80s movie proposal.
  • Unable to make any sense of the madness, No Leaf (the show's current showrunner) just said eff it, as by the time anything had been worked out, they had already made their opinions on the show known on the TSE forums, and the Wrestlemania show would've been a week late anyway.
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