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Custom noun – A usual manner of behaving or doing.
Usage example: it is my custom to have half a bagel and coffee for breakfast

Mode is a synonym for custom in manner topic. In some cases you can use "Mode" instead a noun "Custom", when it comes to topics like habit, ritual, way, method.
Nearby Words: customary, customs, customer, customize, customized
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Mode noun – A distinctive way of putting ideas into words.
Custom is a synonym for mode in way topic. You can use "Custom" instead a noun "Mode", if it concerns topics such as manner, craze, style, method.
Nearby Words: modal, modeless
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How words are described

old old custom old mode
special special custom special mode
similar similar custom similar mode
usual usual custom usual mode
Other adjectives: difficult, popular, entire, real, traditional, primary, different, golden.

Both words in one sentence

  • Unnecessary Combat Roll It's a very useful ability, as it can save your butt if you run into too many enemies at once, are about to get hit by the game's different BFGs, or, as players figured out in Forge mode/Custom games, set the speed higher than normal and fly across Forge World in your glitching glory!
  • Video Game / From The Depths The last mode is the Campaign mode, where the player is competing against eight factions for control of the world called Neter note or a custom campaign world.
  • You start out in one of these during the 'Chronicles of the Sword' custom player mode in ''SoulCalibur 3'.
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