Dangerous and Harmless


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Dangerous adjective – Involving potential loss or injury.
Usage example: the soldiers were specially selected to go on a dangerous mission behind enemy lines

Harmless is an antonym for dangerous in topics: perilous, hazardous.
Nearby Words: danger, dangerously
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Harmless adjective – Not causing or being capable of causing injury or hurt.
Usage example: a perfectly harmless little spider

Dangerous is an antonym for harmless in safe topic.
Nearby Words: harm, harmful, harmlessly
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Similar words of dangerous
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Similar words of harmless
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Things that words describes

person dangerous person harmless person
character dangerous character harmless character
man dangerous man harmless man
woman dangerous woman harmless woman
Other nouns: people, group, creature, animal, way, species, game, monster, weapon, version, experiment, enemy, attacks, objects, creatures, animals.

Both words in one sentence

  • He encourages his collegue "The ninth man" to enter one of the traps after conveying that it is fake - which it wasn't - to see, if he is in the dangerous or harmless version of the Nonary Game.
  • Most of them actually aren't that dangerous, but given how incredibly adorable and harmless they look, it doesn't take a lot for them to be much more dangerous than they look.
  • Gorgeous Gorgon For further fun, its noted that the aura is pretty much useless against some of the more dangerous people while making normally harmless people dangerous.
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