Daring and Timid


Daring adjective - Inclined or willing to take risks.
Usage example: daring acrobats who risk life and limb every day for the entertainment of the crowds at the circus

Timid is an antonym for daring in topics: brave, adventurous.

Nearby Words: dare, daringly, dared


Timid adjective - Easily frightened.
Usage example: a timid rabbit hopped cautiously out of the hedge

Daring is an antonym for timid in shy topic.

Nearby Words: timidity, timorous, timidly

Both words in one sentence

  • Tomboy and Girly Girl Word Party has Franny and Lulu respectively, with Franny being more adventurous and daring while Lulu being coy and timid.
  • Fan Fic / The Second Try Although she's calmer and he's less timid due to their increased maturity, she's still daring, bold and passionate whereas he tries to be a calming, pacifying influence.
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