Dark and Night


Dark noun - A time or place of little or no light.
Usage example: I have a bad habit of running into tables in the dark

Night is a synonym for dark in place topic. In some cases you can use "Night" instead a noun "Dark", when it comes to topics like time, darkness, blackness, twilight. popular alternative


Night noun - The time from sunset to sunrise when there is no visible sunlight.
Usage example: loved to sit outside at night and watch the stars

Dark is a synonym for night in darkness topic. You can use "Dark" instead a noun "Night", if it concerns topics such as time, blackness, twilight. popular alternative

Nearby Words: nightfall, nightie, nightly, nighty

How words are described

passionate passionate dark passionate night
good good dark good night
female female dark female night
full full dark full night
Other adjectives: original, single, real, wrong, final, classic, worst, last, previous.

Both words in one sentence

  • Film / Last Night Endless Daytime: Most of the film takes place at night when it should be dark during any time of the year, but it's always daytime and the sky is always blindingly bright.
  • Dark is not always used as a metaphor for evil, as God is described as providing shade and night to comfort people in in the book of psalms as well as manifesting in darkness before he punishes evil by King David.
  • It means "fearfully respect the night/dark."
    Source: Altum Videtur
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