Date and Time


Date noun - The period during which something exists, lasts, or is in progress.
Usage example: the embarrassingly short date of most of his romances
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Synonyms for Date

Time is a synonym for date in day topic. In some cases you can use "Time" instead a noun "Date", when it comes to topics like phase, length, tenure, age. popular alternative

Nearby Word: dated


Time noun - An extent of time associated with a particular person or thing.
Usage example: back in my parents' time, families usually had only one car

Date is a synonym for time in generation topic. You can use "Date" instead a noun "Time", if it concerns topics such as phase, period, length, tenure. popular alternative

Nearby Words: timed, timely, timing, timeout, timeliness

How words are described

good good date good time
full full date full time
exact exact date exact time
specific specific date specific time
Other adjectives: short, set, certain, present, current, single, actual, real, big, wrong, possible, final, later, worst, next, last, different.

Common collocations

people date people time people
someone date someone time someone
students date students time students

Both words in one sentence

  • No Fair Cheating You can also get punished for time traveling, that is, changing the time or date by large amounts.
  • Wolves Always Howl at the Moon The howling happens more often if it is night, full moon, or both (the real life date/time is taken into account).
  • Holiday Mode However, this only occurs with computers that can remember the time/date or by leaving on a computer constantly, since not all computers were capable of such technology at the time.
    Source: Holiday Mode
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