Daughter and Prototype


Daughter noun - A female human offspring.

Prototype is an antonym for daughter.

Nearby Words: daughterly, daughterboard


Prototype noun - Something belonging to an earlier time from which something else was later developed.
Usage example: the Greek epic that is the prototype of the hero myth

Daughter is an antonym for prototype.

How words are described

old old daughter old prototype
identical identical daughter identical prototype
original original daughter original prototype
true true daughter true prototype
Other adjectives: single, actual, real, evil, secret, new, titular, older, hybrid, real-life.

Both words in one sentence

  • Anime / WXIII: Patlabor the Movie 3 Replacement Goldfish: Misaki created the 13th prototype from her daughter's mutated cancer cells, and saw it as her daughter being revived.
  • Super Prototype However, to her mother, Fate is a Flawed Prototype because she was meant to be a clone of her dead daughter Alicia, but ended up gaining quirks of her own which royally pissed off mommy dearest.
  • During [PROTOTYPE 2], James Heller arrives at the Blackwatch facility where Rook is holding his daughter Maya, and even taunted him about it in a public broadcast.
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