Dead and Existing


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Dead adjective – No longer existing.
Usage example: the dead Babylonian culture

Existing is an antonym for dead in topics: deceased, complete, indifferent, not working, no longer alive.
Nearby Word: deadly
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Existing adjective – Having being at the present time.
Usage example: existing breeds of the turkey that graces our Thanksgiving table are said to bear little resemblance to the gamy birds that the Pilgrims enjoyed

Dead is an antonym for existing in in existence topic.
Nearby Words: exist, existent, existence, existed
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  • Series / Hannibal Her character, Georgia Madchen, last name translates roughly to "Lass", and she has Cotard's syndrome, believing she is dead but still existing in some form, like Georgia Lass in Dead Like Me.
  • Film / Shakes the Clown Parental Substitute: Shakes' boss, which makes Shakes all the more upset to wake up from being passed out cold to find him dead and the possibility existing that Shakes did it.
  • Everybody's Dead, Dave The ending of Sometime Never: A Fable for Supermen is similar to Closing Time mentioned above, as the world gets nuke-washed and all the humans are dead, the Gremlins move to the surface but found out when there's no human alive, there is no imagination to keep them existing.
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