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Deal verb – Be in charge of, act on, or dispose of.
Usage example: I can deal with this crew of workers

Handle is a synonym for deal in treat topic. In some cases you can use "Handle" instead a verb "Deal", when it comes to topics like do business, cope with, transactions. popular alternative
Nearby Words: dealing, dealer, dealt
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Handle verb – To behave toward in a stated way.
Usage example: handles all requests professionally, even when customers are rude

Deal is a synonym for handle in trade topic. You can use "Deal" instead the word "Handle" as a verb or a noun, if it concerns topics such as transactions. popular alternative
Nearby Words: hand, handled, handling, handler, handhold
Synonyms for Handle

How words are described

good good deal good handle
long long deal long handle
better better deal better handle
similar similar deal similar handle
Other adjectives: small, actual, real, massive, large, big, huge, little, possible, former.

Common collocations

power deal power handle power
life deal life handle life
business deal business handle business
people deal people handle people
Other nouns: amount, death, time, way, effects, attacks, weapons, enemies, problems.

Both words in one sentence

  • While 2 episodes of the plot deal with a similar entity; even the monster that main characters fight is redeemable as opposed to the untold Darker and Edgier dealings they handle.
  • Deal me good cards and I'll handle the math We'll take their money while they take a bath I'll show them my hand, you'll show them your wrath Oh Lord, help me take money from my friends
  • Comic Book / The Phantom Stranger He almost always appears to help other heroes deal with a magical menace that they can't handle alone- though his help would always be minimal, only taking a direct hand when absolutely needed.
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