Decision and Resolution


Decision noun - A position arrived at after consideration.
Usage example: after much deliberation, we made a decision about what to have on our pizza

Resolution is a synonym for decision in judgement topic. In some cases you can use "Resolution" instead a noun "Decision", when it comes to topics like judgment, conclusion, decisiveness, purpose. popular alternative


Resolution noun - A position arrived at after consideration.
Usage example: her resolution to become a vegetarian is based on what she recently learned about modern farming practices

Decision is a synonym for resolution in judgement topic. You can use "Decision" instead the word "Resolution" as a noun or a determination, if it concerns topics such as ruling, intention, purpose, judgment. popular alternative

How words are described

good good decision good resolution
best best decision best resolution
better better decision better resolution
following following decision following resolution
Other adjectives: reasonable, stupid, poor, small, actual, big, quick, easy, personal, ultimate, major, possible, final, eventual, different.

Both words in one sentence

  • The resolution is notable because the decision is made not based on legal arguments, but on the fact that the 'rightful' heir bribed the Corrupt Church arbiters.
  • The smallest move, the smallest decision can change the resolution of your life from clear to blurry all in a flash.
  • Tenma's resolution, then, comes in his decision to once again save Johan's life.
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