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Decisive adjective – Having the power to persuade.
Usage example: a lawyer who knows how to construct the kind of decisive argument that sways a jury

Important is a synonym for decisive in vital topic. In some cases you can use "Important" instead an adjective "Decisive", when it comes to topics like pivotal.
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Important adjective – Having great meaning or lasting effect.
Usage example: the discovery of penicillin was a very important event in the history of medicine

Decisive is a synonym for important in valuable topic. You can use "Decisive" instead an adjective "Important", if it concerns topics such as critical, vital.
Nearby Words: importance, importantly, importation
Synonyms for Important

Things that words describes

role decisive role important role
part decisive part important part
match decisive match important match
event decisive event important event
Other nouns: point, piece, moment, question, factor, game, element, battle, nothing, evidence, points, battles, moments.

Both words in one sentence

  • Decisive Battle: The aforementioned Battle of Riachuelo: It was the most important water route on that region, whoever won the battle, controlled the river and so gained the nautical advantage.
  • One-Hit Wonder He scored all the important goals, including the one in the semifinal and the decisive penalty kick in the final match, but never did anything else of note in his home country.
  • Literature / The Stormlight Archive As soon as they realized how many chasmfiend gemhearts were present, acquiring those for themselves became more important than cooperating with the other princes to win a decisive strategic victory against the Parshendhi.
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