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Declare verb – Authorize payments of.
Usage example: declare dividends

Pass is a synonym for declare in speech topic. In some cases you can use "Pass" instead a verb "Declare", when it comes to topics like make known clearly or officially.
Nearby Words: declaration, declared, declaring, declarable, declarer
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Pass verb – To express (a thought or emotion) in words.
Usage example: she'll occasionally pass some insightful comment, but in general she doesn't have much to contribute

Declare is a synonym for pass in speech topic. Sometimes you can use "Declare" instead a verb "Pass", if it concerns topics such as utter, express formally.
Nearby Words: passage, passed, passing, passable
Synonyms for Pass

Common collocations

power declare power pass power
series declare series pass series
law declare law pass law
game declare game pass game

Both words in one sentence

  • Broken Bridge The characters immediately declare that they must find the child and get her to move it, otherwise they'll never be able to pass.
    Source: Broken Bridge
  • Film / Heartbeats The trio then explodes.The weeks pass, winter arrives ... Marie and Francis both declare their love, and Nicolas rejects them cruelly.
  • You Shall Not Pass: The Princess Ponies declare this to Tirac's forces during the attack on Ponyville, and prove more than capable of pulling it off.
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