Decline and Reject


Decline verb - To show unwillingness to accept, do, engage in, or agree to.
Usage example: she declined to participate in the soccer game

Reject is a synonym for decline in action topic. In some cases you can use "Reject" instead a verb "Decline", when it comes to topics like accept, refuse, turn down, say no. popular alternative


Reject verb - To be unwilling to grant.
Usage example: rejected his request for time off

Decline is a synonym for reject in action topic. You can use "Decline" instead the word "Reject" as a verb or a noun, if it concerns topics such as accept, discard, deny, turn down. popular alternative

Nearby Words: rejected, rejection, rejecting, rejector, rejecter

How words are described

social social decline social reject
societal societal decline societal reject

Common collocations

love decline love reject love
application decline application reject application
help decline help reject help
role decline role reject role
Other words: marriage, request, offer, world, proposal, temptation, offers.
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