Decrease and Increase


Decrease noun - The amount by which something is lessened.
Usage example: the average decrease in the price of milk was five cents per gallon

Increase is an antonym for decrease in topics: reduce, diminishing, grow less or make less.

Nearby Words: decreased, decreasing, decrement, decremented


Increase noun - Something added (as by growth).
Usage example: shortly after he turned 12, he had a sudden height increase

Decrease is an antonym for increase in topics: raise, grow, addition, add or grow.

How words are described

steady steady decrease steady increase
corresponding corresponding decrease corresponding increase
net net decrease net increase
considerable considerable decrease considerable increase
Other adjectives: sharp, small, actual, massive, large, slight, gradual, permanent, major, dramatic, general, minor, temporary, significant, marked, radical, maximum, rapid, drastic, sudden, resulting, overall.

Common collocations

skill decrease skill increase skill
power decrease power increase power
strength decrease strength increase strength
attack decrease attack increase attack
Other words: value, amount, mass, chance, number, odds, time, speed, level, size, health, difficulty, resistance, effectiveness, meter, population, damage, defense, numbers, points, chances, abilities, stat, stats.

Both words in one sentence

  • Presumably, the mass needed to increase or decrease his density comes/goes to another dimension; this is the standard handwave for all Shapeshifter Baggage and similar issues in the Marvel Universe.
  • Gravity Master Onoki, the Tsuchikage, can greatly increase or decrease the weight of an object, though it seems he's changing it's mass instead of just its weight.
  • Draw Aggro Romulan embassy science consoles can also increase or decrease threat generation, and normal cruisers come with an Attract Fire aura that can be switched on to further increase threat gen.
    Source: Draw Aggro
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