Decrepit and Frail


Decrepit adjective - Lacking bodily or muscular strength or vitality.

Frail is a synonym for decrepit in strong topic. In some cases you can use "Frail" instead an adjective "Decrepit", when it comes to topics like feeble, weak, deteriorated, battered. popular alternative

Nearby Word: decrepitation


Frail adjective - Lacking bodily strength.
Usage example: he was frail after a long battle with bronchitis

Decrepit is a synonym for frail in strong topic. You can use "Decrepit" instead an adjective "Frail", if it concerns topics such as feeble, breakable, battered. popular alternative

Nearby Words: frailty, frailness

Both words in one sentence

  • Therefore Porky, a frail and decrepit old man (if with a child's mind) is condemned to living forever locked inside the tiny Absolutely Safe Capsule.
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