Deep and Shallow


Deep adjective - Extending far downward.
Usage example: the ax made a deep cut into the wood

Shallow is an antonym for deep in topics: big, intense, astute, abstract, absorbed.


Shallow adjective - Lacking significant physical depth.
Usage example: the dog quickly dug a shallow hole that was barely deep enough to accommodate his bone

Deep is an antonym for shallow in topics: superficial, unintelligent, not deep.

Nearby Words: shallowed, shallowing

Both words in one sentence

  • Military Mashup Machine Probably no more of a mash-up than the LSTs ('Landing Ship Tank's) of WWII, which had to be good in both deep and shallow water.
  • Video Game / Spy Hunter Super Drowning Skills: The first level of Super Spy Hunter has sections of shallow and deep water and jumps over them.
  • Video Game / Mario Kart Notable obstacles are shallow and deep water (though in 7 deep water can typically be driven through instead of being an obstacle), Cheep-Cheeps, and crabs (which in 7 look like Sidesteppers from Mario Bros.).
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