Defeat and Win


Defeat noun - Failure to win a contest.
Usage example: sore losers still griping about their defeat in the basketball game earlier that week

Win is an antonym for defeat in topics: overthrow, frustrate, frustration, conquer in military manner.


Win noun - An instance of defeating an enemy or opponent.
Usage example: a team with 12 wins and two losses

Defeat is an antonym for win in victory topic.

Nearby Words: winning, winner, wining

How words are described

close close defeat close win
good good defeat good win
complete complete defeat complete win
instant instant defeat instant win
Other adjectives: total, single, entire, real, massive, big, huge, quick, easy, famous, early, major, near, automatic, possible, final, decisive, subsequent, last, biggest.

Common collocations

time defeat time win time
way defeat way win way
game defeat game win game
times defeat times win times

Both words in one sentence

  • Mad Mathematician Dive from Divekick dabbles in this, applying his talent for calculating angles to his divekicking, and the majority of his win and defeat quotes being math-related.
  • Even though the heroes win and defeat The Dark One, the titular Arc and his love interest both die, and most of the world is completely destroyed.
  • The metaphysical force that symbolizes this, the Dark Hadou, is loosely described as nothing but the overwhelming desire to win or defeat others at any cost—not fighting for fun or self-improvement.
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