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Defined adjective – Showing clearly the outline or profile or boundary.
Memorable and defined are semantically related. In some cases you can use "Memorable" instead an adjective "Defined".
Nearby Words: define, definition, defining, definable, definability
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Memorable adjective – Not easily forgotten.
Defined and memorable are semantically related. Sometimes you can use "Defined" instead an adjective "Memorable".
Nearby Words: memorial, memorably, memorability
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  • The manga merely delayed it a bit by introducing the Tendo family first, but Ranma's first appearance to the world was very memorable and quickly defined his basic traits to the audience at large.
  • However, Budd's personality was neither as memorable nor as well-defined as Lowell's had been, so after a few appearances, he disappeared from the series without explanation, and the writers decided to build up the show's other supporting characters (chiefly Antonio and Casey) instead.
  • Anime / Speed Racer It was by far the most successful and well-known series for decades, and practically defined anime in America until around the mid-90s.This show is remembered for its goofy character designs, crappy animation and atrocious dub, as well as its memorable characters and over-the-top sensibilities.
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