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Definite adjective – Having distinct or certain limits.
Final is a synonym for definite in certain topic. In some cases you can use "Final" instead an adjective "Definite", when it comes to topics like decisive.
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Final adjective – Having been established and usually not subject to change.
Usage example: the wedding date is final

Definite is a synonym for final in decisive topic. You can use "Definite" instead an adjective "Final", if it concerns topics such as conclusive, irrevocable.
Nearby Words: finalize, finale, finalise, finally, finality
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Things that words describes

case definite case final case
step definite step final step
plan definite plan final plan
theme definite theme final theme
Other nouns: dungeon, villain, version, ending, arc, moments.

Both words in one sentence

  • Cover Drop Final Fantasy XI's is a bit nebulous, but a good interpretation is that it depicts a full alliance in combat, which many long-time players will tell you is a definite Crowning Moment of Awesome.
    Source: Cover Drop
  • Final Battle Go Nagai manga version had no a definite ending, but Gosaku Ota version did it, and the final was very different from the anime series.
    Source: Final Battle
  • Comments: This is the definite version of that final battle between Zero and Omega.
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