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Definite adjective – So clearly expressed as to leave no doubt about the meaning.
Usage example: a definite instruction not to let anyone in the house while the parents were out for the evening

Plain is a synonym for definite in clear topic. In some cases you can use "Plain" instead an adjective "Definite", when it comes to topics like exact, distinct, decisive, concrete.
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Plain adjective – Free from all additions or embellishment.
Definite is a synonym for plain in clear topic. You can use "Definite" instead an adjective "Plain", if it concerns topics such as distinct, decisive.
Nearby Words: plainly, plainness, plaint
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Things that words describes

girl definite girl plain girl
sense definite sense plain sense
character definite character plain character
guy definite guy plain guy
Other nouns: style, truth, name, face, version.

Both words in one sentence

  • In Black Lagoon, the Creepy Twins/Psychos For Hire Hansel and Gretel have a definite Freudian excuse for being so deeply, deeply broken, creepy, disturbing, sociopathic and just plain wrong in the head.
  • Hulkspeak Prepositions, indefinite, and definite articles are almost completely stripped out; although given how redundant these usually are, (particularly the latter) in many cases the effect makes Hulk Speak easier to understand than plain English, at least when only a single subject is being discussed.
    Source: Hulkspeak
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