Definite and Questionable


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Definite adjective – Having no exceptions or restrictions.
Usage example: the house is a definite bargain by today's standards

Questionable is an antonym for definite in exact topic.
Nearby Words: definitely, definitive, definition, definitively
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Questionable adjective – Open to question or dispute.
Usage example: whether it will rain today or not is questionable

Definite is an antonym for questionable in doubtful topic.
Nearby Words: question, questioning, questioned, questioner, questionably
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Things that words describes

sense definite sense questionable sense
character definite character questionable character
case definite case questionable case
decision definite decision questionable decision
Other nouns: accent, elements, ideas, traits, moments.

Both words in one sentence

  • The character seemingly died in an explosion, which for any other character would be a definite kill, but Zaktan's ability to pull himself together made it highly questionable.
  • Comic Book / Valhalla Good Is Not Nice: Again, many of the gods have definite touches of this, displaying some extremely morally questionable behavior, though in most cases it's used for comic effect.
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