Definite and Vague


Definite adjective - Having distinct or certain limits.
Usage example: there should be a definite scope to your paper on the campaign for women's rights because you obviously cannot cover the whole history in five pages

Vague is an antonym for definite in topics: specific, exact, fixed, finite.


Vague adjective - Not expressed in precise terms.
Usage example: gave as vague a reply as he could, hoping not to give away the surprise

Definite is an antonym for vague in topics: obvious, not definite or clear.

Nearby Words: vagueness, vaguely

Both words in one sentence

  • Ultima Underworld and its sequel have a system similar to BaK above, except they show vague descriptions of condition instead of definite percentages.
  • Suspect Is Hatless Basically, a witness gives a vague and more or less useless description, with the only definite clues being ultimately irrelevant (or at least apparently unhelpful).
  • Video Game / Don't Starve Vague Age: None of the characters in this game have a definite age.
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