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Definitely adverb – Without any question.
Precisely is a synonym for definitely. In some cases you can use "Precisely" instead an adverb "Definitely". popular alternative
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Precisely adverb – As stated or indicated without the slightest difference.
Definitely is a synonym for precisely in exactly topic. You can use "Definitely" instead an adverb "Precisely", if it concerns topics such as yes, categorically. popular alternative
Nearby Words: precise, precision, precising
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  • The Emperor Contrasted (sort of) with Emperor the haut Fletchir Giaja of Cetaganda, who isn't precisely evil per se, but is definitely not someone you'd trust further than you could comfortably spit a dead rat.
    Source: The Emperor
  • Damsel out of Distress She's almost to her dad before the villainous Bennett shows up, but had she not tried to escape earlier, she'd definitely be dead as Bennett had gone looking for her precisely to kill her.
  • Roy is older and definitely a mentor for Hal, but is reluctant about entering a relationship with him for precisely that reason.
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