Degree and Extent


Degree noun - An individual part of a process, series, or ranking.

Extent is a synonym for degree in amount topic. In some cases you can use "Extent" instead a noun "Degree", when it comes to topics like level, big, unit of measurement. popular alternative

Nearby Words: degreed, degreeing, degress


Extent noun - The point or degree to which something extends.
Usage example: the extent of the damage
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Synonyms for Extent

Degree is a synonym for extent in amount topic. You can use "Degree" instead a noun "Extent", if it concerns topics such as range, level, magnitude, big. popular alternative

Nearby Words: extend, extension

How words are described

good good degree good extent
exact exact degree exact extent
similar similar degree similar extent
certain certain degree certain extent
Other adjectives: fair, disturbing, small, large, extreme, great, huge, unhealthy, incredible, absurd, possible, minor, lesser, less, limited, significant, ludicrous, ridiculous, hilarious, greater, larger, smaller, greatest, higher, varying.

Both words in one sentence

  • Sci-Fi Ghetto For the sake of overall cohesion, terms like "speculative fiction", "magic realism" and "psychological thriller" have cropped up to help distinguish the extent and degree of science fiction, fantasy or horror influence in a work.
    Source: Sci-Fi Ghetto
  • Magic Wand His Master Form also does this, to a lesser extent (but also adds a similar degree of physical power).
    Source: Magic Wand
  • Characters / Captain America Though to some extent, this varies with the writing, as does the degree of her resentment against him.
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