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Deliberate adjective – Decided on as a result of careful thought.
Usage example: the judge made a deliberate decision to impose the maximum sentence

Planned is a synonym for deliberate in intentional topic. In some cases you can use "Planned" instead an adjective "Deliberate".
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Planned adjective – Planned in advance.
Deliberate is a synonym for planned. You can use "Deliberate" instead an adjective "Planned".
Nearby Words: plan, planning, planner
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  • It is completely unknown whether it was the planned ending, an accidental KO or a deliberate shoot by Satake, or even if the bout was a shootfight and not a worked match in first place.
  • Ship Sinking The final nail in the coffin comes with an interview with the author stating that Naruto marrying Hinata was planned from some time ago and that all hints pointing otherwise were a deliberate mislead made to pull the legs of the shippers.
    Source: Ship Sinking
  • Tabletop Game / Werewolf: The Forsaken For example, murdering humans "just because you can" is about as morally grating for werewolves as grand theft is for humans, while wielding silver or telling humans that werewolves exist is as bad for werewolves as a planned, deliberate murder is for humans.
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