Demon and Imp


Demon noun - An evil spirit.
Usage example: only in rare cases is the ancient rite of exorcism performed to cast out a troublesome demon
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Synonyms for Demon

Imp is a synonym for demon in evil topic. In some cases you can use "Imp" instead a noun "Demon", when it comes to topics like evil spirit, imaginary creature. popular alternative

Nearby Words: demoniac, demonic, demonical, demonically, demoness


Imp noun - An evil spirit.
Usage example: a story about a crumbling mansion infested with a brood of imps

Demon is a synonym for imp in rascal topic. You can use "Demon" instead a noun "Imp", if it concerns topics such as evil spirit, imaginary creature, small person. popular alternative

How words are described

female female demon female imp
normal normal demon normal imp
certain certain demon certain imp
original original demon original imp
Other adjectives: true, green, single, small, powerful, large, evil, little, hideous, young, personal, new, yellow, omnipotent, flying, titular, giant, eponymous, invisible.

Both words in one sentence

  • The Igor Evil Sorcerers can substitute a tiny imp or demon.
    Source: The Igor
  • Video Game / Chrono Trigger Janus's Japanese name is Jaki, which basically refers to an evil imp, or small demon, and his title is Maou, which basically means "Demon King".
  • Sleep-Mode Size His imp form does not compromise on power, though, as he advanced in the Makai tournament after being engulfed by a large demon by going imp and exploding his opponent from within.
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