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Department noun – A specialized division of a large organization.
Usage example: you'll find it in the hardware department

Section is a synonym for department (British) in group topic. In some cases you can use "Section" instead the word "Department" as a noun or a verb, when it comes to topics like division, subdivision. popular alternative
Nearby Words: depart, departed, departing, departmental, departmentalism
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Section noun – An area (as of a city) set apart for some purpose or having some special feature.
Usage example: several abandoned warehouses in the city's industrial section are being converted into art galleries and artists' lofts

Department is a synonym for section in group topic. You can use "Department" instead a noun "Section", if it concerns topics such as division, subdivision. popular alternative
Nearby Words: sectioned, sector, sect, sectioning, sectional
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How words are described

good good department good section
special special department special section
short short department short section
complete complete department complete section
Other adjectives: single, small, entire, real, large, big, main, animated, secret, new, military, later, last, different.

Both words in one sentence

  • Over-the-top Christmas Decorations He decorates the toy section at Gimbel's department store so well that the supervisor thinks it's the work of a spy from corporate headquarters, trying to undermine his job.
  • It's also worth mentioning that Jyrras's parents are a kangaroo and a kangaroo rat who met when an accident in the personal ads department got the K species section mixed up. Seriously.
  • In Aquarium, a superior asks Suvorov whether he knows what a certain section of the intelligence department is dealing with.
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