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Depend verb – To be determined by, based on, or subject (to).
Usage example: whether or not we play baseball will depend on how much rain we get

Stay and depend are semantically related. in be contingent on topic. In some cases you can use "Stay" instead a verb "Depend".
Nearby Words: dependent, dependable, dependability, dependably, dependence
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Stay verb – To continue to be in a place for a significant amount of time.
Depend and stay are semantically related. Sometimes you can use "Depend" instead a verb "Stay".
Nearby Words: stayed, staying
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Common collocations

character depend character stay character
time depend time stay time
way depend way stay way
world depend world stay world

Both words in one sentence

  • Master Swordsman Every Immortal in Highlander, since they depend on their swordsmanship to stay alive for centuries.
  • Series / Legend of the Seeker Though it may depend on the person, being a baneling and having to kill others every day to stay alive.
  • It's also implied that she's stuck with him if she wants to stay in the country, as her residence there appears to depend upon their marriage.
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