Depict and Show


Show Definitions
Depict verb – To give a representation or account of in words.
Usage example: this letter from an eyewitness depicts the battle in greater detail than any other account

Show is a synonym for depict. In some cases you can use "Show" instead the word "Depict" as a verb or a noun.
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Synonyms for Depict


Show Definitions
Show verb – Show in, or as in, a picture.
Depict is a synonym for show. You can use "Depict" instead a verb "Show".
Nearby Words: showy, showed, showing, showcase, shown
Synonyms for Show

Common collocations

character depict character show character
life depict life show life
someone depict someone show someone
scene depict scene show scene
Other nouns: world, effects, side, events, sides, scenes.

Both words in one sentence

  • Science at least has experiments to depict and show, but maths are entirely theoretical, so that means the likes of Laplace, Lagrange, Evariste Gallois, Fermat and many others stay in the lurch.
  • Do Not Do This Cool Thing The show's protagonist, Walter White, has been described as a deconstruction of the Escapist Character, by initially seeming like a fun character for the audience to project themselves onto, only for the show to depict his gradual transformation into a ruthless, vicious monster.
  • Generally averted in World of Warcraft; the Cataclysm expansion released in December 2010 contains many cutscenes, and those that depict your character show you dressed exactly as you are.
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