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Deposit noun – Money given as security for an article acquired for temporary use.
Usage example: his deposit was refunded when he returned the car

Security is a synonym for deposit in down payment topic. In some cases you can use "Security" instead a noun "Deposit", when it comes to topics like pledge, collateral, money saved. popular alternative
Nearby Words: deposition, deposited, depository, depositing, depositary
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Security noun – Something given or held to assure that the giver will keep a promise.
Usage example: their house will serve as security for the loan

Deposit is a synonym for security in pledge topic. You can use "Deposit" instead a noun "Security", if it concerns topics such as collateral. popular alternative
Nearby Words: secure, securely
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How words are described

extra extra deposit extra security
minimum minimum deposit minimum security
higher higher deposit higher security

Both words in one sentence

  • Bank Robbery The Parole Officer builds up to this, even though they weren't (originally) there for the money, but for a security tape in a safety-deposit box.
    Source: Bank Robbery
  • That ridiculously circuitous plan to steal the MacGuffin from the safe deposit box by sneaking into the bank disguised as security guards?
  • Knowing she wouldn't get her security deposit back if the trashcan was missing, she tried to retrieve it from the outside Dumpster.
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