Depression and Happiness


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Depression noun – A state or spell of low spirits.
Usage example: we threw our friend a party just to jar him out of his depression

Happiness is an antonym for depression in topics: despair, concavity, economic decline.
Nearby Words: depress, depressed, depressing, depressive, depressor
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Happiness noun – A feeling or state of well-being and contentment.
Usage example: her happiness was complete when she got her very own house

Depression is an antonym for happiness in topics: pleasure, high spirits.
Nearby Words: happy, happily
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Similar words of happiness
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How words are described

human human depression human happiness
pure pure depression pure happiness
genuine genuine depression genuine happiness
deep deep depression deep happiness
Other adjectives: obvious, actual, extreme, little, inner, new, permanent, general, previous, overall, long-term.

Both words in one sentence

  • Soon, your robot will be emulating happiness, anger, depression, sexual attraction, and any other multitude of feelings it's programmed for.
  • Mood-Swinger She could go from cheerfulness to aggressiveness, restrained calm to unbridled anger, fury to depression or despair to happiness.
    Source: Mood-Swinger
  • Bluebird of Happiness The Far Side had one strip where a man is abandoned by the Bluebird of Happiness, and is instead visited by the Chicken of Depression.
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