Depression and Pit


Depression noun - A sunken area forming a separate space.
Usage example: the water generally collects in the patchwork of depressions in the city plaza

Pit is a synonym for depression in hollow topic. In some cases you can use "Pit" instead a noun "Depression", when it comes to topics like indentation, concavity, convex. popular alternative


Pit noun - A sunken area forming a separate space.
Usage example: removal of the tree stump left a gaping pit in the yard

Depression is a synonym for pit in hole topic. You can use "Depression" instead a noun "Pit", if it concerns topics such as pockmark, indentation, hollow, convex. popular alternative

How words are described

long long depression long pit
deep deep depression deep pit
obvious obvious depression obvious pit
actual actual depression actual pit
Other adjectives: massive, black, new, inescapable.

Both words in one sentence

  • Film / Johnny English The Aloner: Johnny after he is kicked off the investigation for awhile and spends time at home, moping about his failures and sinking into a pit of depression.
  • Series / Corner Gas When she herself lost a game of horseshoes to Oscar, she fell into a pretty deep pit of depression and self-loathing that made the quality of food at the Ruby suffer.
  • He does seem to fall pretty hard for android woman Rayna, to the point that when he accidentally causes her death he's sunk into such a pit of depression that Spock ends up Mind Raping him into forgetting her.
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