Desert and Remain


Desert verb - To leave (a cause or party) often in order to take up another.

Remain is an antonym for desert in abandon topic.


Remain verb - To continue to be in a place for a significant amount of time.
Usage example: one of the three bridges known as “the London Bridge,” it was moved in the late 1960s to Lake Havasu City, Arizona, where it remains today

Desert is an antonym for remain.

Nearby Words: remainder, remaining

Common collocations

time desert time remain time

Both words in one sentence

  • Abandoned Mine The minerals that had been extracted there, Timeshift Stones, remain scattered throughout the mines and desert.
  • Benteen realizes too late that he truly did want to go home, and he must remain on the desert world alone for the rest of his days.
  • See if this sounds familiar: a pair of young military officers, involved in a campaign in a desert region, the one more comfortable with a desk job, the other determined to remain in frontline service.
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