Destroy and Repair


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Destroy verb – To bring to a complete end the physical soundness, existence, or usefulness of.
Usage example: their poor scores on the final exam destroyed any chance they might have had to pass the course

Repair is an antonym for destroy in demolish topic.
Nearby Words: destroyed, destroyer, destroying
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Repair verb – To bring back to a former condition or vigor.
Destroy is an antonym for repair in topics: mend, fix, leave.
Nearby Words: repaired, repairing, repairable, repairer
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Common collocations

life destroy life repair life
people destroy people repair people
body destroy body repair body
reputation destroy reputation repair reputation
Other nouns: system, time, world, building, machine, car, ship, armor, tank, units, buildings, ships, tanks.

Both words in one sentence

  • Space Whale Aesop The issue is that humans weren't attentive enough and so things have now got to a point where human science is not enough and the earth basically has to go through a cycle of destroy and repair (there's a very strong analogy to the inflammatory response in humans).
  • Video Game / Total Annihilation This leads to much frustration when they destroy the base you worked so hard to build, or when they destroy a mission critical capture target that the computer isn't smart enough to repair.
  • Videogame / Doom (2016) He keeps doing it despite pleas to not destroy the Argent filters, kicking them to beyond repair.
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