Destruction and End


Destruction noun - A final state.

End is a synonym for destruction in massacre topic. In some cases you can use "End" instead a noun "Destruction", when it comes to topics like stop, demolition.


End noun - The permanent stopping of all the vital bodily activities.
Usage example: Henry Hudson and eight others were set adrift in the bay in a small boat, and how they met their end is unknown

Destruction is a synonym for end in doom topic. You can use "Destruction" instead a noun "End", if it concerns topics such as death, situation of devastation.

Nearby Words: ending, ended, endless

How words are described

actual actual destruction actual end
entire entire destruction entire end
violent violent destruction violent end
extreme extreme destruction extreme end
Other adjectives: absolute, permanent, near, possible, final, apparent, inevitable, impending, sudden.

Both words in one sentence

  • Light Novel / Corsair By the end, Ayace asks him to stop being a Death Seeker, reassuring Canale that if he brings destruction on the people he loves Ayace will kill him as he promised, so until then he should try living.
  • Videogame / Shadowrun Returns If you choose the ending where you decide that Vauclair is correct and that the dragons need to go, then you'll end up causing even more death and destruction in the aftermath.
  • At the end of R1, Lelouch loses control of his power and causes Euphemia to go on a massacre, resulting in the deaths of thousands of innocent Japanese who believed in her; Lelouch, as Zero, is begged by these dying people to save them, but is also struck by the need to stop the destruction.
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