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Devil noun – An evil spirit.
Usage example: acted as if possessed by some devil

Fiend is a synonym for devil in evil spirit topic. In some cases you can use "Fiend" instead the word "Devil" as a noun or an adjective, when it comes to topics like brute, demon, religion, kind. popular alternative
Nearby Words: devious, devilish, devilry, devilment, devilishly
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Fiend noun – A mean, evil, or unprincipled person.
Usage example: even the utter horror of the terrorist attack did not deter some fiends from going on a looting spree

Devil is a synonym for fiend in demon topic. You can use "Devil" instead the word "Fiend" as a noun or an adjective, if it concerns topics such as religion, kind, satan, evil spirit. popular alternative
Nearby Word: fiendish
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How words are described

good good devil good fiend
female female devil female fiend
half half devil half fiend
corrupt corrupt devil corrupt fiend
Other adjectives: powerful, real, black, cute, giant, resident, strongest.

Both words in one sentence

  • We Will Meet Again When a fiend (devil, demon, or other evil outsider) is killed in the mortal world, they aren't truly destroyed, but instead respawn on their home plane and are banished from the material world for 99 years.
  • In the Samurai Jack episode "Jack and the Flying Prince and Princess", Prince Astor reacts to Aku destroying Chitron 6 by calling him a devil, a fiend, and a villain.
    Source: You Monster!
  • Ugly Guy, Hot Wife She was a gorgeous temptress devil, while he was a hideous monster, very much resembling a pit fiend.
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