Dialect and Lingo


Dialect noun - The special terms or expressions of a particular group or field.
Usage example: the promotional team for the new computer used a dialect full of acronyms that the press found difficult to follow
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Synonyms for Dialect

Lingo is a synonym for dialect in language topic. In some cases you can use "Lingo" instead a noun "Dialect", when it comes to topics like words, local speech. informal substitute


Lingo noun - The stock of words, pronunciation, and grammar used by a people as their basic means of communication.
Usage example: medical missionaries struggling to learn the lingo of the African tribe that they were treating
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Synonyms for Lingo

Dialect is a synonym for lingo in language topic. You can use "Dialect" instead a noun "Lingo", if it concerns topics such as words. popular alternative

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How words are described

distinctive distinctive dialect distinctive lingo
common common dialect common lingo
certain certain dialect certain lingo
standard standard dialect standard lingo
Other adjectives: accurate, actual, black, new, unique, incomprehensible, odd, weird, strange, bizarre, different, local, generic, outdated.
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