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Die verb – To stop living.
Usage example: the king died of old age after a long and fruitful reign

Pass is a synonym for die in activity topic. In some cases you can use "Pass" instead a verb "Die", when it comes to topics like live, action, dwindle, disappear. popular alternative
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Pass verb – To come to an end.
Usage example: eventually, the storm passed

Die is a synonym for pass in live topic. You can use "Die" instead a verb "Pass", if it concerns topics such as end, disappear, cease. popular alternative
Nearby Words: passage, passed, passing, passable
Synonyms for Pass

Common collocations

power die power pass power
point die point pass point
turn die turn pass turn
number die number pass number
Other nouns: line, time, way, game, story, times, powers.

Both words in one sentence

  • If Yuuko could die and move on to "where Clow was", the guy actually has a much better chance of seeing her if he'd stayed mortal and let himself die and pass on himself.
  • Affirmative Action Legacy He showed up in a 2005 DC mini-series just long enough to die and pass the mantle to a Latino kid named Miguel.
  • Ultimately in order to heal the eloim, Rayojini has to die and pass into Elenoen.
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