Difference and Variance


Difference noun - The quality or state of being different.
Usage example: there's a great difference between claiming to care about the environment and living like you really do

Variance is a synonym for difference in discrepancy topic. In some cases you can use "Variance" instead a noun "Difference", when it comes to topics like change, thing, conflict, variety. popular alternative


Variance noun - An event that departs from expectations.

Difference is a synonym for variance in discrepancy topic. You can use "Difference" instead a noun "Variance", if it concerns topics such as change, thing, conflict, variety. popular alternative

How words are described

small small difference small variance
large large difference large variance
extreme extreme difference extreme variance
little little difference little variance
Other adjectives: major, minor, significant, immense, greatest, cultural, racial, genetic.

Both words in one sentence

  • Psychic Powers The key difference to previous editions' psionics is that psychic magic is exactly that in its entirety and with no ambiguity or variance — magic.
  • Videogame / Ancient Domains of Mystery That difference is easily covered by natural variance in stats, however.
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