Different and Similar


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Different adjective – Being not of the same kind.
Usage example: how are plantains different from bananas?

Similar is an antonym for different in topics: separate, miscellaneous, dissimilar.
Nearby Words: difference, differentiate, differing, differential, differently
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Similar adjective – Having qualities in common.
Usage example: the two actresses accidentally wore similar outfits to the same gala

Different is an antonym for similar in topics: alike, very much alike.
Nearby Words: similarity, similarly, similitude, simile
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Similar words of different
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Similar words of similar
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Things that words describes

character different character similar character
style different style similar style
name different name similar name
system different system similar system
Other nouns: series, way, characters, level, personality, circumstances, game, story, effects, version, song, names, ways, stories, reasons, powers, weapons, abilities, games, roles, personalities, levels, styles.

Both words in one sentence

  • Series / Animal Kingdom Also airs in Canada through Bravo.Fans of the movie upon which the series is based may be advised that the tropes featured here may be different or similar to it.
  • Exotic Equipment In Homestuck, it's never made clear how similar or different trolls are to humans anatomically, as despite having an insect-like lifestyle trolls look like humans with horns and odd coloration.
  • Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder Depending on whether you've seen The Movie or not, how Victoria reacts is both similar and different.
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