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Differentiate verb – Mark as different.
Identify and differentiate are semantically related in classify topic. In some cases you can use "Identify" instead a verb "Differentiate", when it comes to topics like discern.
Nearby Words: different, difference, differential, differentiation, differentiating
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Identify verb – To find out or establish the identity of.
Differentiate and identify are semantically related in classify topic. Sometimes you can use "Differentiate" instead a verb "Identify".
Nearby Words: identification, identity, identified, identifying, identifiable
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Common collocations

friend differentiate friend identify friend
model differentiate model identify model
people differentiate people identify people
name differentiate name identify name
Other nouns: way, characters, species, color, source.

Both words in one sentence

  • Emo Teen The things that differentiate and identify Emo Teens are that they dress in black, listen to strange music (specifically, the "emo" genre, whence the term comes) and generally think that they are erudite (or, at least, surprisingly coherent).
    Source: Emo Teen
  • Tertiary Sexual Characteristics Originally it was frowned upon in dwarf society to openly identify their gender, but recently some females dwarfs have begun to wear makeup and dresses to differentiate.
  • In (luckily quite rare) cases where the old people in question don't show any sign of remorse and still openly self-identify as Nazis, they are called Alt-Nazis (old-Nazis, in order to differentiate them from the neo-Nazis) or Unverbesserliche (roughly unreformables).
    Source: Nazi Grandpa
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