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Difficult adjective – Requiring considerable physical or mental effort.
Impenetrable and difficult are semantically related in obscure topic. In some cases you can use "Impenetrable" instead an adjective "Difficult".
Nearby Word: difficulty
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Impenetrable adjective – Impossible to get through or into.
Difficult and impenetrable are semantically related in complex topic. Sometimes you can use "Difficult" instead an adjective "Impenetrable".
Nearby Words: impenetrability, impenetrably
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  • Problem Sleuth broke the impossible way back when they encountered a Solve the Soup Cans puzzle so utterly impenetrable and difficult that the protagonist was forced to reload from a save-state made after the puzzle was completed.
  • They speak as only the French can speak, as if it is not enough for a concept to be difficult, it must be impenetrable.
  • Video Game / Fallout At first, it was nearly impenetrable and could only be gotten through a particularly difficult sidequest for the Brotherhood Of Steel.
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