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Direct verb – To cause to move to a central point or along a restricted pathway.
Inform is a synonym for direct in wish topic. In some cases you can use "Inform" instead a verb "Direct", when it comes to topics like recommend, teach.
Nearby Words: direction, directed, directly, directing, directness
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Inform verb – To give information (as to the authorities) about another's improper or unlawful activities.
Direct is a synonym for inform in wish topic. Sometimes you can use "Direct" instead a verb "Inform", if it concerns topics such as recommend.
Nearby Words: information, informal, informed, informer, informative
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Common collocations

hero direct hero inform hero
man direct man inform man
people direct people inform people
team direct team inform team
Other nouns: series, rest, show, time, player, members.

Both words in one sentence

  • It turned out that there was no security to inform and direct fans to the less crowded pens, the police actually prevented ambulances from entering the stadium after the fence broke, and the fans were trying to shuttle the injured out to the ambulances (which the police also prevented).
    Source: Mis-blamed
  • When Back Story or other crucial information needs to be delivered quickly from character to character (and we do mean quickly, Talking Is a Free Action is not in effect), some characters will use telepathy, holograms, or direct-to-brain downloads to inform others.
  • The idea is that a writer can draw on his or her own personal experiences to inform their story and give it life and verisimilitude, not that the writer can only write about things that they have direct personal first-hand experience of.
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