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Director noun – A person who manages or directs something.
Usage example: the new director of the company plans to make a number of changes in daily operations

Supervisor is a synonym for director in chair topic. In some cases you can use "Supervisor" instead a noun "Director", when it comes to topics like head, superintendent, manager, over. popular alternative
Nearby Words: direction, directed, directive, directing, directorate
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Supervisor noun – A person who manages or directs something.
Usage example: the salesclerk said she would have to ask her supervisor if I could return the defective CD without a receipt

Director is a synonym for supervisor in person topic. You can use "Director" instead a noun "Supervisor", if it concerns topics such as project, chair, head, leader. popular alternative
Nearby Words: supervise, supervision, supervised, supervisory, supervising
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How words are described

old old director old supervisor
female female director female supervisor
eccentric eccentric director eccentric supervisor
obnoxious obnoxious director obnoxious supervisor
Other adjectives: main, young, new, chief, former, competent, different, previous, appointed.

Both words in one sentence

  • Anime / Library War The latter is an only-anime thing, since in the novels the one who confronts the crazy director, Sugahara, is the branch supervisor Yokota, who gets serious burn injuries.
  • A good majority of CSI fans cringed when Conrad Ecklie, day shift supervisor and smug rival to Gil Grissom, was promoted to Assistant Director in Season 5.
  • Kensington Gore Director George Romero loved it because he felt it matched the film's comic book atmosphere perfectly, while special effects supervisor Tom Savini hated it because he prefers things to look more realistic.
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