Disable and Debilitate


Disable verb - To render powerless, ineffective, or unable to move.
Usage example: disabled the controls for unauthorized users

Debilitate is a synonym for disable in handicap topic. In some cases you can use "Debilitate" instead a verb "Disable", when it comes to topics like incapacitate, cripple, deprive of weapons. popular alternative

Nearby Words: disablement, disabling


Debilitate verb - To diminish the physical strength of.
Usage example: the heart surgery debilitated the college athlete beyond his worst fears

Disable is a synonym for debilitate in incapacitate topic. You can use "Disable" instead a verb "Debilitate", if it concerns topics such as undermine, deprive of weapons. popular alternative

Nearby Words: debilitation, debilitating

Common collocations

enemies disable enemies debilitate enemies
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