Disagreement and Quarrel


Disagreement noun - Variance of opinion on a matter.
Usage example: there was some disagreement about what color the missing sweater actually was

Quarrel is a synonym for disagreement in argument topic. In some cases you can use "Quarrel" instead a noun "Disagreement", when it comes to topics like conflict, dispute, dissension. popular alternative


Quarrel noun - An often noisy or angry expression of differing opinions.
Usage example: a loud quarrel erupted at the next table over

Disagreement is a synonym for quarrel in conflict topic. You can use "Disagreement" instead a noun "Quarrel", if it concerns topics such as argument, dispute, dissension. popular alternative

How words are described

short short disagreement short quarrel
public public disagreement public quarrel
endless endless disagreement endless quarrel
violent violent disagreement violent quarrel
Other adjectives: furious, massive, serious, little, bad, personal, internal, major.
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